Kanye LaBar 808s Release 1.2022.11

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New features to generate QueryExpressions

Early Bound Generator style

Now possible to create QueryExpression with Early Bound Generator style a’la Daryl LaBar. Issue #808.

Why is the name of this release? Well, I only have two connections to 808.
Number one is, of course, 808s & Heartbreak by Kanye West.
Number two is Issue #808 Create QueryExpression with Early Bound Generator by Daryl LaBar.
Hence the name… makes sense, right? No?

Classic Late Bound code style.
Fancy Early Bound code style.

Note: To be able to use this feature, you need to make sure the settings in the EBG tool has this option:
Generate Entity Attribute Name Constants = True

Possible to skip comments

The is now a new option to include or exclude comments in the code for QueryExpressions.

With comments.
Without comments.

Layouts Improvements

  • Docs for the Layouts feature are now published! See Layouts in Queries
  • There have been a few issues – no, way too many, I am truly sorry about this small mess I created – because of missing columns. There have been no fixes to the features, but there are a few new “warnings” regarding Link-Entity Alias.
    Read more! Tips for Alias.

QueryExpressions Improvements

  • Added paging cookies, if needed, to the generated code.
  • Added no-lock to the generated code. Issue #800.
  • Handles max-width of the generated code, so it does not get too long lines.

General Improvements

  • Option to show Paging Cookie, returned in the Result View. See Commit.
    Activate it in the Options menu in the left/bottom, the Appearance.
    Easy to copy, just click on the paging cookie, and use <CRTL>+C.
With button texts.
Without button texts.

Internal Improvements

  • Fixed/improved names in logging. See commit.
  • Removing duplicated code. See commit.
  • Bug fixes that appear during Reset window layout button. See commit.


The Creator is still Jonas Rapp, since 2014. See on GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn.