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Big Thanks to all of you helping me improve
FetchXML Builder!
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If you send me an email with your postal address after donating, I will send you this “Official FetchXML Builder Supporter” sticker! And as you can see below – there are stickers for other tools too ☺

To get a supporter banner on your own website, just copy the code below and paste into a HTML block!

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I'm a FetchXML Builder Supporter!

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Do You want to contribute to the continued development of FetchXML Builder?
Or do You simply feel you have gained so much by using the tool that You want to give some back?

Click this link to donate, or start XrmToolBox, open FetchXML Builder, click Donate in the menu:

All Supporter πŸ”—

Bob Capel?
Anders MikkelsenDenmark
Lars VigreπŸ’ΌSweden
David Castella?
Tom Nordlie?
Timon BakkerπŸ’ΌNew Zeeland
George MenegakisπŸ€πŸ’ΌGreece
Liam Platt-YoungAustralia
Ian HorwillUK
Stan PriestπŸ€πŸ’ΌUSA
Nadya Ben YaaqovPTVπŸ’ΌIsrael
Artur RokoszπŸ’ΌBelgium
Neb MileticπŸ’ΌAustralia
Sanjeev SinglaBDUπŸ’ΌCanada
Radu AntonacheπŸ€πŸ’ΌRomania
Hauke JacobsenπŸ’ΌGermany
Suada HasanicπŸ’ΌGermany
Artur RokoszπŸ’ΌBelgium
Pedro Souza
Norm YoungπŸ’ΌCanada
Juan SimonπŸ’ΌCanada
Frank KlateckiπŸ’ΌCanada
Simon HetzelπŸ’ΌUK
Agnieszka NaglowskaπŸ’ΌGermany
Suada HasanicπŸ’ΌGermany
Necdet SaritasπŸ’ΌGermany
Miguel VerweijπŸ’ΌNetherlands
Janet Thomas
Joshua Campbell🐀Canada
Tomas Prokop πŸ€πŸ’ΌCzech Republic
Vivian VossπŸ€πŸ’ΌDenmark
Per Lundqvist
Jose Ernesto Ortega DiezSpain
Olena GrischenkoπŸ’ΌAustralia
David Stanley WadeUSA
Darrin Devine
Natraj YegnaramanπŸ€πŸ’ΌAustralia
Joe Gill🐀Ireland
Scott Durow🐀Canada
Arieh Lazar
Tim Dutcher🐀USA
David Milton
Alexei Poplutin
Lars MartinGermany
Nadeeja BomiriyaAustralia
Angela MontgomeryUSA
Behnam Seidali
Audrey Forrest
Enrique Romero FernΓ‘ndezSpain
Sara AirgoodUSA
Marc ScheunerSwiss
Robert WardAustralia
Daniel Hotz
Richard Wilson
Emma EidFrance
Javier Moreno
Debbie Rhebok
Tae Rim Han
Laurynas Merkelis
365Community.Online T/A Scottish SummitScotland
James M NovakUSA
Ben KnippCanada
David BrochuCanada
Mehmet SeckinUK
Vangelis XanthakisπŸ€πŸ’ΌUK
Peter ClementsUK
Ryan Jones🐀USA
afisi odunugaUK
Thibaut HouillonFrance
Donal McCarthy
Aravindan MuniappanUSA
Denis Bespalov
Kleanthi TupeCanada
Jeff Klosinski
Mitchell McCollumUSA
Pierre-Armand LalondeCanada
Eric Labashosky
Roman YashchukUkraine
CRM Plus LtdUK
Scott Troxell
Andreas GehringGermany
Michael BauerGermany
Suada Hasanic
MR M J MISTRYAustralia
Amy Pritts
Brian DangUSA
Karen Visagie
Shravan K MacharlaUSA
Nishant Rana 🐀 UAE
Andy PopkinUSA
Cemal Tevrizci
Karun GyawaliUSA
Tyler Page
Chris MarkovicAustralia
Devamo Inc
Aiden Kaskela🐀USA
Namasi Navaretnam
Omar ZaarourCanada
Phillip Cole
Seth Bacon🐀USA
David PottsUK
Justin Olin
Jeff Dodds
Reuben Swartz
Eric Leung
Fumitaka KinoshitaJapan
Jordi Montana🐀Spain
Espen Haarberg
Sathis kumar Padmanabhan
Alex McLachlan🐀UK
Zoe Wilson🐀
Saravanan Rangasamy KandasamyAustralia
Erwin SandersNetherlands
Garry PopeUK
Michael Hauck🐀USA
Armin Nasufovic
Christian Thompson
Edite Kapcari
Shaikshavali Mohammed
Ronald LemmenNetherlands
Anna Feranska-IqbalUK
ian PalmerAustralia
Carol KellyCanada
Tanay Verma
Paul Owen
Vijaykumar KharatmolUSA
Megan DayUSA
Mohammad Jalloul
Jason Almeida🐀UK
Shawn Tabor🐀USA
Nicolas Nowinski
Kenneth Farmer
Scott Florance
Sheryl Netley🐀UK
Victor Dantas🐀Canada
Jonathan Stypula🐀USA
Shubhi JagmohanUSA
StΓ©phane TrΓ©panierCanada
Tomasz Poszytek🐀Polan
Paolo BoccagniItaly
Ryan Moore
Nick Doelman🐀Canada
Michael Ochs🐀USA
Jelle VervloessemπŸ€πŸ’ΌBelgium
Maryna Butenko
Sarah Jelinek🐀USA
Chimezie Okure
Scott Sewell 🐀 USA
Joseph Griffin
Phil KermeenUK
Ben Vollmer 🐀 USA
Heiko StubenvollGermany
MiiiA Pty LtdAustralia
Danijel BuljatSweden
Matt Beard🐀UK
Γ‰ric SauveCanada
Giovanni MussoUK
Stewart Tranter
Betim Beja🐀
Ben Haynes
Mark Carrington🐀UK
Megan Walker🐀UK
Customery Pty Ltd🐀Australia
Ryan Maclean🐀UK
Mike Hartley🐀UK
Benedikt Bergmann🐀
David Rivard🐀Canada
Carina Claesson🐀Sweden
John PhillipsUK
Peter HaleAustralia
Linn Zaw Win🐀New Zealand
Thomas Passad🐀Sweden
Laura Reyes-Montiel🐀England
Matt Collins-Jones🐀
Benjamin Vollmer🐀USA
Marc ScheunerπŸ’ΌSwitzerland
Daniel Laskewitz🐀Netherlands
Stephen D. CarrollUSA
Todd Mercer🐀Canada
Alan Merwitz πŸ’ΌCanada
Steve JarrelUSA
Jamie Barker🐀England
Lars Martin🐀Germany
Doug Allinger πŸ’ΌUSA
Michael Ochs🐀USA
Iain Connolly🐀Scotland
James Novak🐀USA
Ben Edgren🐀USA
Elaiza Benitez🐀Australia
Kelvin Shen🐀New Zealand
Andre Margono🐀Australia
Mark Christie🐀Scotland
Tanguy Touzard🐀France
Peter Bohn🐀Germany
Nick Doelman🐀Canada
Scott Sewell🐀USA
Guido Preite🐀Italy
Megan Walker🐀England
Peter Utas🐀Sweden
Christian Γ–hman🐀Sweden
Nishant Rana🐀UAE

N.B. The list above contains contributors to all my 13 tools for XrmToolBox.

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