FetchXML Builder for XrmToolBox

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When Stunnware Tools was discontinued, I searched for a tool to create advanced FetchXML queries.

I didn’t find any.

So, I created it.

– Jonas Rapp

Build queries for Microsoft Common Data Service, Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. Investigate data. Get code. Empower yourself to achieve more.

FetchXML Builder – empowering since 2014

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Example of the rich feature set in FetchXML Builder. Click to enlarge.


For a full feature description – see FetchXML Builder – Features.

  • Outline for visual query construction
  • CDS/CRM/D365 metadata intellisense
  • New query from template
  • Open query (from CDS or file)
  • Save query (to CDS or file)
  • Clone query
  • Aggregate query support
  • Undo (CTRL+Z) and Redo (CTRL+Y) support
  • Integration from other XrmToolBox tools
  • Query to FetchXML
  • Query to code (C#/js/SQL/OData)
  • Query to Power Automate List Records parameters
  • Results in view
  • Results serialized (XML/JSON)
  • Query Repository
  • Abort query execution over multiple pages
  • Multiple options and settings
  • Fully configurable window layout

Continued support

The development and support of FetchXML Builder has undoubtedly consumed a few hours over the years since the initial release in 2014.

If you (or your company) feel that this tool has helped you in your work, perhaps by saving you a few hours of work, donations for the continued support and development are accepted, appreciated, and will grant you a good feeling and perhaps a sticker if you like, and a spot on the FetchXML Builder Supporters Wall of Fame (unless you want to be an anonymous supporter).

You may use the Donate link in the XrmToolBox menu (remember to select the FetchXML Builder option)

You can also use this direct link to the PayPal donations page.


Like all tools for XrmToolBox, FetchXML Builder is installed from the Tool Library within XrmToolBox.

In some scenarios the Tool Library in XrmToolBox might not be allowed to access the tools to download, and if you for some reason might want to install an older version of FetchXML Builder, you may follow the steps for Manual installation of FetchXML Builder.

To install XrmToolBox, see these instructions.

Contributing and feedback

FetchXML Builder is freeware and open source hosted on GitHub.
Please submit any issues here.
Comments and questions are very welcome in the FetchXML Builder Forum.

Original documentation

The original documentation including all comments is still available, see: fetchxmlbuilder.com/origdocs

Feedback and Questions

Please visit the FetchXML Builder Forum for any questions or feedback!