History of FetchXML Builder

Stunnware Tools

In the good old CRM 4.0 days, no customizer or developer on the platform could survive without Stunnware Tools. Much like the situation with XrmToolBox today.

Help file introduction for Stunnware Tools for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. Click to enlarge.

I’m guessing a company called Donaubauer AG acquired Stunnware GmbH, since you can still find traces of Stunnware Tools on their website.

One of the tools in their toolbox was the FetchXml Wizard. It would help you compose queries visually, you could execute them, and it could give you the raw FetchXML, QueryExpression code, and some other goodies.

Screenshot of Stunnware Tools FetchXml Wizard. Click to enlarge.

When Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 was released and the SDK was updated, Stunnware Tools was not… And you could not connect anymore 😢

So there was an obvious void for a while, although I would still use Stunnware Tools to connect to my older environments, getting most of the query and code from whatever old organization I could find, and then tweaked the last bits manually.

The XrmToolBox was there to be filled

XrmToolBox was released by Tanguy Touzard in 2012, as a consolidation of all his various tools for the platform. Read about “The Early Years” of XrmToolBox.

The beauty of XrmToolBox was that it was built with the idea to be extensible. And the beauty for me as a new born tool developer was that by creating a tool based on this extensibility (or “plugin” as they used to be called) I could focus on creating the functionality of my tool, and letting the toolbox handle connecting to Dynamics and all that comes with that.

FetchXML Builder was born

In 2014 I had enough of that void after Stunnware Tools, and started building the FetchXML Builder for XrmToolBox, with the old FetchXml Wizard as inspiration.

A very early version of FetchXML Builder. Click to enlarge.

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