Lousy-Weather-Vacation Release version 1.2023.8

Bonus Release: 1.2023.8.2

There were some bugs and features that I can improve. I can’t just leave it there. Some of these issues were found by myself, and some by other users out there.
You know how hard it is to sleep with those open issues, right? So I just had to fix them.

  • Clicking “Both Names” in the menu in the Result view didn’t do anything. Using the shortcut keys did work, though. Now everything works as expected.
  • In Issue #956 @robbfergus told it breaks bad when retrieving some virtual tables. Not really the virtual tables, but the PagingCooking was not in proper XML format. Now my tool will forgive bad XML.
  • In Issue #960, I realized that “Reset Layout” don’t always do as expected. Now it’s closer to what we actually expect.
  • The Issue #153 feature released in the previous release didn’t quite calculate records when many pages were loaded, with the option “Retrieve all pages“. Now my tool can calculate correctly. Issue 955.
  • A minor issue with the layout with flag ishidden="1". Now totally working.
  • Added a few more features about Resuilt view. Check it out! Issue #962.

New features

Browse pages in the results grid view

Issue #153

This is an old feature I wanted to add, and I created this issue in 2016… years and years ago! And now I did!

The page sizes and the total number of records are set on the fetch properties.

Possibility to show both technical and friendly values

Issue #882 by @dmkweima 

I got a request from Dean where he wants to see both the “Friendly Names” (like the readable name of a State column “Active.”) and the “raw value” (like the number behind on the statuscode 0) – in the same view at the same time.

Actually, I’ve missed that feature too… So I created it in the XRM Control in Rappen.XTB.Helpers – available for anyone who create tools for XrmToolBox!

Easily to add/select columns without selecting all “normal” columns

Issue #936

Most of the time you create a query, you probably will add “common attributes”, sort of the columns in views or the fields on forms… right?

Now you can.

[Preview] Force Reload Metadata

#897 by @BenediktBergmann
#785 by @simonlkch
#934 by @Roland80

If you are working in FetchXML Builder and also working on the Dataverse model – it would be nice to reload all metadata, without having to restart the whole XrmToolBox.

Now we can.

Note that this is a “first try”, I can’t be sure it works… Please try it!

Integrate from other tools with opening a view

Issue #884

Not many will use this – but developers of XrmToolBox tools can now integrate with FetchXML Builder and can just send an ID of a view, and the view will be opened and ready for all adjustments of filters, link-entities, sorting, columns, and so on.

If other developers use this, the tools will naturally be better and nicer, and everyone will be happier! #promise

Read more on how: https://fetchxmlbuilder.com/integrate/#view-id




  • Long-term moving storage statistics to a new Microsoft Azure tenant.


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