Half-Panic-Release version 1.2023.11

The Panic

XrmToolBox updated 2023-10-31

The excellent XrmToolBox was updated on 31’th of October 2023, and it would remove some old files that are not used anymore. For example, XrmToolBox.PluginsStore.dll.

Unfortunately, this file was really used by FetchXML Builder – and all my other tools…

Did I panic? 😬 Guess what…


XrmToolBox.PluginsStore.dll was used for one reason: AppInsights class.

I started to log statistics about how many times it was used, starting with helpers from Jason Lattimer, and I was fine-tuning over time. Then I thought it was nice to have this feature available in the toolbox for all of our tools. Even the XrmToolBox itself uses it, see the XrmToolBox Report here.

For some reason, I can’t remember why, this helper AppInsights was included in the Plugins Store of XrmToolBox. It has worked great for years and years, and this year Tanguy was working on a new, nicer, cooler, just awesome, Tool Library. Finally, it was ready, and it was time to retire and remove the old Plugin Store.

Missing XrmToolBox.PluginsStore

During the development, the AppInsights class had been moved to be part of the general framework of XrmToolBox.exe. When updating our tools to the Latest & Greatest of the XrmToolBoxPackage, my tools can compile fine, but when running them, it crashes with this message (or similar).

Now it works fine again 🤓


The layout of results in FetchXML Builder has been improved a lot in the last few years. But I wasn’t satisfied – sometimes the new columns added to the query didn’t show up in the result, and vice versa when we remove some columns in the query, it’s still there in the result, but empty.

It’s not 100% yet, but it should work better than before. I’m getting there, one day…

Closing these issues now, reopen them if you’re not satisfied! Issues #961#967#969#983.


My own issue: #984 “Don’t ask about comments if no comments” is now fixed.


Veroslav found a strange error and reported it in Issue #963: “Unhandled exception upon showing Both Names in result view”. Now it’s fixed (I hope 😉


All links in my tool to Microsoft Learn documents have an internal id. These were changes this year, now changed in our tools as well.


The Creator and Developer is still Jonas Rapp, since 2014. See on GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn.