FetchXML Builder version 1.2020.5

New features

  • Select value using Lookup Dialog for lookup attribute conditions
  • Added options to show columns with no data
  • Added options to hide columns added by the system
  • Property validation and continuous saving *
  • Escape undoes property changes *
  • Button to abort long-duration multi-page retrievals
  • Continuous progress reporting for multi-page retrievals
  • Value validation of fetch node properties


  • Informational icons instead of blocking popup messages *
  • Scrollbar when all properties do not fit
  • Improved relationship presentation *
  • Improved performance when rendering results


  • Restored support for “in” condition operator *
  • Return FetchXML button was sometimes hidden
  • Another link-entity issue with reversed attributes *


Main creator is still Jonas Rapp since 2014. See on GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn.
* Thanks to @MarkMpn for contributions!