FetchXML Builder version 1.2015.7

Requires XrmToolBox v1.2015.7.x or later, and vice versa

New features

  • #35 Major performance improvement during startup and when composing queries
  • #59 Support for comments in the xml, commenting and uncommenting nodes etc.
  • #54 Possibility to execute manually edited xml without schema validation
  • #58 Save composed fetchxml by active connection, restore based on connection
  • #66 A bunch of new shortcut keys
  • #64 Help menu option implemented
  • #68 Show tooltip with actual XML when hovering nodes in fetch outline

Fixes / improvements

  • #62 Handle aggregate null results introduced in CRM 2015
  • #26 Link-entity relationship names are now sorted alphabetically
  • #53 LiveXML window follows position and visibility of FXB
  • #61 Save active node before executing (when using the F5 shortcut key)
  • #65 Update LiveXML when moving nodes up/down in the outline
  • #56 Update LiveXML after opening fetch from a CRM view
  • #67 Error for conditions of type ManagedProperty fixed
  • #42 Never display attributes that have ValidForRead=false
  • #55 Entities and attributes to display was not correctly stored between sessions

More information


Download the zip file, unpack it in the Plugins sub-folder of of XrmToolBox.
NOTE: Remember to unblock downloaded file!


Main creator is still Jonas Rapp since 2014. See on GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn.