FetchXML Builder version 1.2015.5

Requires XrmToolBox v1.2015.5.6 or later

New features

  • #38 Possible for other XrmToolBox-plugins to integrate with FXB!
  • #41 Show readable values instead of GUIDs in result grid
  • #44 Collect usage statistics – Help us improve FetchXML Builder!
  • #43 Display list of records in one cell in result grid – e.g. toccbcc fields
  • #40 Sort results in result grid by clicking column headers
  • #31 Suggest existing aliases in order by element for aggregate queries
  • #8 Free text filter for attributes in Select Attributes dialog

Fixes / improvements

  • #49 Close Live XML window when closing FXB
  • #50 Sorting now sorts correct for numeric values

Internal improvements

  • #45 Improved handling of stored settings
  • #37 Use generic version checker from XrmToolBox

More information

  • With the implementation of #44 we are now collecting completely anonymous statistics about the usage frequency on FXB and different functions. Please accept sending statistics to help us improve FXB even more!
  • Do you want to integrate with FXB? Read how in this blog post: Integrate with FetchXML Builder


Download the zip file, unpack it in the Plugins sub-folder of of XrmToolBox.
NOTE: Remember to unblock downloaded file!


Main creator is still Jonas Rapp since 2014. See on GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn.