FetchXML Builder version 1.2015.3

Requires XrmToolBox v1.2015.3.2 or later

New features

  • CRM 2015 FetchXML schema supported
  • Condition operators filtered base on type of selected attribute
  • #22 Automatic check for new releases of FetchXML Builder
  • #24 Enter multiple values for innot-inbetween and not-between operators

Fixes / improvements

  • #19 Default output option
  • #13 QueryExpression link-entity bug fixed
  • #23 Menu buttons enable-state was not properly set on form load
  • #28 Live-Update window should not update outline for every key stroke
  • #29 Condition Value nodes could not be deleted
  • #25 Warning message for aggregate queries improved
  • #21 Refresh list of available views

NOTE: Remember to unblock downloaded file!


Main creator is still Jonas Rapp since 2014. See on GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn.